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Betsy is a coach and communication specialist who works with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds ~ from the locker room to the boardroom.

Your coaches and staff will walk away with actionable tools for improved communication designed to benefit them now and in the future.

Recent Speaking Engagements Include:

Summer Meeting Keynote

Women’s Leadership Retreat

Staff and Administrator Development

DII Governance Session

Mentorship Program Kickoff

Custom Session with Students, Faculty, and Staff on Creating Belonging

Captivating Coaches Worldwide

Topics to Transform Your Audience

Below are the most frequently requested topics I get from athletic departments and teams.

*Please note that the content can be customized to meet the most immediate needs of your department.

Quality Conversations

10 Ways to Create Stronger Connections

Championship Communication

Success begins with improving the quality of communication at all levels of team

Confrontation for Connection

Engage in difficult conversations in a way that builds trust and relationship

Relating to Today's Student-Athlete: Effectively Coaching Gen Z

55 tools to better communicate, connect with, and coach today's student-athlete

About Betsy Butterick

Meet Betsy Butterick, aka “The Coaches’ Coach”, a seasoned pro who utilizes the transformative power of communication to help build high-performing teams. As a former coach, Betsy understands that “chemistry” is more than a buzzword – it is the result of genuine connection, and at its core lies effective communication.


In her role as “The Coaches’ Coach,” Betsy meets individuals where they are and supports their growth and evolution. As a Communication Specialist, she works collaboratively to enhance communication effectiveness and drive positive change at every level. Betsy has the exceptional ability to connect with diverse audiences, and as a facilitator and educator, she offers a professional, playful, and people-centric approach to learning and development.


A life-long athlete, Betsy grew up playing all sports and was a competitive basketball player (and fairly awful golfer) at the collegiate level. She now spends her time with her family, hiking, biking, practicing yoga, chasing sunsets, and in constant pursuit of the perfect breakfast burrito.

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6 Reasons to Hire Betsy to Speak


It's Actionable

Whatever I came into the room with, by the time participants leave they feel like it's theirs. Participants walk away from our time together with actionable tools for improved communication designed to benefit them now and in the future. -Betsy

"I've heard Betsy speak 4 or 5 times now and each time I still take away something new."


She's Engaging

Betsy has the dynamic ability to hold attention over time through the power of her story-telling and involving the audience.

"Betsy Butterick brought down the house with a remarkably engaging presentation; thanks for being hilariously entertaining and leaving us with so many common sense approaches into the ever-confusing world of communication!"


She's Authentic

Anyone who has heard Betsy speak cites how relatable and authentic her speaking style is - she's able to connect with audiences as if she was sitting in their seats.

"My only complaint about Betsy's talk is that it's over. I honestly could have listened to her for hours."


She's Funny

Laughter is a universal language and Betsy's sharp wit and impeccable timing often result in fits of laughter for her audience.

"Often when speakers use humor it sounds rehearsed. I swear Betsy makes stuff up in the moment because she uses real-time audience feedback to give us a laugh."


She's Relatable

"The rub of being a communication specialist is that folks expect you to always get it right. Some of the most connective moments I have with an audience are when I'm imperfect and own the mistake to illustrate that communication is challenging, people are complex, and the goal is always progress - not perfection." -Betsy


She Makes an Impact

"I feel like her talks should come with a warning like, 'Listening to Betsy speak might change your life.' It's been eight years since I first heard her speak and that one experience changed the way I view communication and how I interact with others."

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“Betsy is a compelling speaker that is easy to connect with, no matter the audience.”

“Every time I see her present, I take away at least one thing I can immediately implement in my personal and professional life. Her authentic personality, laid-back sense of humor, and relatability ensure that she will hit a home-run with any organization lucky enough to book her!”

Danie Caro

Director of Communications and Membership Operations, IWLCA

“Betsy Butterick is a triple threat: she’s creative, concise, and captivating. She has a ‘fun-nomenal’ way with words, a calming and inviting energy while sharing, and she always has tangible and personalized tips on how to be authentically you as a coach. Thank gosh for Betsy, and here’s to a lifetime of connection, clear communication, and empathy!”

Sylvia Queener

Head Coach, Whittier College

"Betsy Butterick is a triple threat: she’s creative, concise, and captivating."

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Betsy Butterick

Betsy Butterick is a coach and communication specialist working with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds – from the locker room to the boardroom.

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