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Relating to Today's Student-Athlete:

Effectively Coaching Gen Z

This interactive course gives coaches the ability to better understand who Gen Z is so we can more effectively communicate with, connect with, and coach today’s student-athlete.

If you’re a coach and you’ve found that...

"Kids these days" are different then when you were a student-athlete

It's challenging to get and hold the attention of today's student-athletes

With today's student-athletes there seems to be a constant need for reassurance and validation

It feels like today's student-athlete can't accept criticism, even when it's constructive..

Any of this sound familiar?

Then you’ve found the course for you!

"Kids these days..."

Today’s coaches cite frustration with their student-athlete’s short attention spans, inability to accept criticism (even if it’s constructive), and an almost constant need for reassurance and validation.

Luckily coach, you’re in the right place…



Relating to Today's Student-Athlete:

Effectively Coaching Gen Z

This course offers 55 options for navigating the unique challenges of this generation and is designed as a toolkit to better
understand who Gen Z is so we can more effectively communicate with, connect with, and coach today’s student-athlete.

The young people we are coaching today have never known life without the Internet. That unique context translates into both challenges and opportunities for coaches everywhere.


“These techniques not only apply to coaches, but to teachers and parents as well! This is a game-changer for understanding today’s athletes and elevating the success of any program.”


“As a millennial on the cusp of being a member of Gen Z, all of this information is spot on!”


“Amazing! Totally new perspective. Completely pertinent for working with student-athletes from the rec level all the way to elite athletes.”

The Curriculum

Module 1

Course Introduction

You'll learn facts about our nation's youngest generation, then we'll work to navigate 8 challenges posed by the way this Generation is different from any other.

Module 2

The research on Gen Z

The more we know about who our student-athletes are, the more effectively we can coach them. Let's take a look at some of the research on Gen Z.

Module 3

8 seconds: This is the attention span of Generation Z

Our challenge is to communicate in shorts bursts while making the learning process visual at every opportunity.

Module 4

Skim-Read: Gen Z consumes bite-sized chunks of information at incredible rates

Our challenge is to be strategic with packaging the information we want them to absorb (especially in written communications).

Module 5

Chat-Based: Gen Z is accustomed to chat-based forms of communication

Our challenge is to operate in their conversational comfort zone while providing opportunities to engage in longer form written and verbal communications.

Module 6


Our challenge as coaches is to find opportunities to co-create with them... to allow for customization of their sport experience through having agency in the process.

Module 7


Our challenge as coaches is to make things immediately relevant - to lead with the "why" and illustrate the current value in relation to a larger purpose.

Module 8


Our challenge as coaches is to use metrics and visuals when possible to give objective feedback in real-time.

Module 9

Extrinsic Motivation

Our challenge as coaches is to help student-athletes develop an internal drive for success by strategically praising effort and intent; illustrating value separate from "likes".

Module 10

Instant Gratification

Our challenge as coaches is to help student-athletes practice working towards a desired outcome over time while keeping them engaged and informed.

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After completing this course, you will..

Be able to identify how generational barriers are showing up within your program and work proactively to overcome them.

Experience greater engagement, enjoyment, and partnership with today's student-athletes.

See more favorable feedback on your end-of-season student-athlete surveys.

Increase the ownership and accountability within your program by utilizing tools for greater agency and investment.

And much more!

This Course Includes

Over 70 videos watch at your own pace

Downloadable slides to quickly reference actionable tools

Exclusive access to the Ask Betsy online forum

Questions Your Fellow Coaches Asked Before Enrolling Into The Gen Z Course

Relating to Today’s Student-Athlete: Effectively Coaching Gen Z was designed with coaches of all levels in mind. Whether you are a college, high school, or youth coach, the information in this course is relevant for anyone who coaches student-athletes born during or after 1996.

One of my favorite things about communication is the need for improved skills is not sport-specific or gender-specific. The same is true for this course. Relating to Today’s Student-Athlete: Effectively Coaching Gen Z was intentionally designed to provide options for coaches of all sports.

It takes roughly 1.5 hours to complete the videos in this course. (Diving into the additional resources will take longer, and is completely at your discretion).

The course will stay available for a full year from when you first log in. You can complete the course at your own pace and circle back on certain sections as often as you like!

First, great to see you again, and welcome back!

When designing the course, I had coaches like yourself in mind.
While I briefly reference Gen Z in Winning with Words, this course is everything I didn’t cover there. Gen Z is such a unique challenge for coaches that they deserve their own course, and I’m excited for you to benefit from what you learn here!

Lol, I’m glad you asked! While that would seem the more economical route, repeated logins from multiple IP addresses flags in the system as “suspicious” and future access is revoked.

Upon purchase you’ll be prompted to create your own username and password. From there, you can work through the course at you own pace and complete each module individually as you progress towards course completion.

Additionally, with your own accounts, you can utilize the “Ask Betsy” forum to ask questions specific to you and your experience.

Group discounts are available depending on the number of interested coaches. If several coaches in your department are interested, I suggest forwarding to your Athletic Director so they can take advantage of the Departmental License offer to enable ALL coaches at your institution to benefit from learning about Gen Z.

About Betsy Butterick

Meet Betsy Butterick, aka “The Coaches’ Coach”, a seasoned pro who utilizes the transformative power of communication to help build high-performing teams. As a former coach, Betsy understands that “chemistry” is more than a buzzword – it is the result of genuine connection, and at its core lies effective communication.


In her role as “The Coaches’ Coach,” Betsy meets individuals where they are and supports their growth and evolution. As a Communication Specialist, she works collaboratively to enhance communication effectiveness and drive positive change at every level. Betsy has the exceptional ability to connect with diverse audiences, and as a facilitator and educator, she offers a professional, playful, and people-centric approach to learning and development.


A life-long athlete, Betsy grew up playing all sports and was a competitive basketball player (and fairly awful golfer) at the collegiate level. She now spends her time with her family, hiking, biking, practicing yoga, chasing sunsets, and in constant pursuit of the perfect breakfast burrito.

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